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Make your world glow with light box!

12th October 2011 | pullupbanners | Add comment

Actually the word lightbox is used in three different fields with three different connotations. If it is used in the field of photography, then it is a tool used by the photographers to control the lighting in their shoots. If it is being used in digital printing then it is used by the graphic artist to compile their digital images in one folder on their computer. If it is used in the medical field then it is for giving light therapy for diseases like skin disorders or even in some mental disorders. You will be amazed to know that one word has so many different uses in so many fields which are totally different from each other.

The tool, which is called light box which is used in both the field of professional photography as well as medical therapy, is just a device to control the light in a specific environment. If it is used as terminology as in a process used in digital printing then in that case it is mostly used by the graphic designers. In the photography there are two more concepts which are also called as the light box. One tool is where the light box is attached to adjustable legs for easy rotation, and the other is called as fabric reflectors which are used to give different light effects. So we can see that in one field of photography itself there are many uses of the light box. We can very well say that the light box is a tool which has multiple uses in multiple fields which as in itself an achievement of the idea behind it.

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Are you boring? Then why your business cards are so?

5th October 2011 | pullupbanners | Add comment

 What do you see when you are holding a business card? When we see a business card, what we look for immediately is the information for contacting that person. That small card in itself is personal information data card which you are able to carry with you all the time. It can be called as the first visual effect of your identity or the identity of your business. The business cards represent you with little fuss and great responsibility. Yes it is true that such a small thing is performing such important duty of introducing you to the world and that to in a limited space and with the help of limited words. It is the smallest advertisement of your business which you can carry with you all the time.

Business cards are like part of yourself which you are giving to the other person. That is the reason that the Japanese do not just give their business cards like flyers or broachers. Giving your business cards to other person is kind of ceremony for them. They take it with utmost respect and treat it the same way as they consider it as extension of your personality. They treat these business cards as they will treat a real person. I think this is the best way of giving and taking business cards because in a way they contain most important part of you. It is the way to make you known to people. It is a way where you are sure that you have given all the necessary information to people so that they can contact you if and when they want.

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